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E) Vacuum Pumps

MP Series

There are two models in the MP series the MP200 & MP300 both suitable for use in medium to large dairies either on their own or as twin pump systems. The MP pumps are oil lubricated and as the pump operates oil is drawn into each side of the pump to provide lubrication. The oil feed system is fitted with an oil filter and an air filter to reduce impurities entering the pump. Adjustment of the oiling rate is achieved by use of an adjustable needle valve. The MP pumps are supplied with a muffler and brass non-return valve. Milka-Ware recommends the installation of an oil separator to prevent oil contaminating the environment around the dairy building.

M. & MXL Series

These pumps require oil lubrication during operation and are very efficient on power requirement to drive them. An oil separator can be installed on the exhaust side of the pump to separate the oil from the air, this also prevents contamination to the environment. These pumps suit the small to medium size dairies and can be used on their own or as pairs for larger systems.

The M & MXL pumps are the same except for the oiling systems, the M series require vacuum to draw in the lubricating oil while the MXL is fitted with a mechanical pump which pumps the oil into the pump. In systems where the pump is left running for a period of time with none or low vacuum level the MXL series should be fitted as oil will continue to be delivered to the pump at the correct amount. The M series is able to be used in most milking systems as the vacuum level is normally maintained above 40kpa during operation.

WR Series

These pumps utilize water to create vacuum and require no oil for lubrication which makes them ideal for dairy farm use as they are more environmentally friendly. The WR pump outer body is constructed from cast iron with the impellor and end plates made from brass. The pumps utilize a mechanical seal to prevent water leaking to the bearings which are sealed to maximize their life.

Unlike oil lubricated pumps the WR series can tolerate milk, water and steam entering them without causing long term damage to the pump housing or impellor. A constant flow of approximately 7lts/min of clean water is required by each pump during operation to ensure trouble free running.

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