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C) Pulsation

Milka-Ware 4000 Controller

The Milka-Ware 4000 has been designed to provide the TL or LE20 pulsators with constant accurate pulsation that can be configured to suit milking requirements. The pulsation rate and milking ratio is able to be easily adjusted however Milka-Ware recommends this only carried out by trained personnel as incorrect settings can be detrimental to your cows.

An option of the Milka-Ware 4000 is the ability to provide a slower milking ratio to the front quarters than to the rear quarters which hold more milk and take longer to milk out. This option will assist extracting the milk from the whole udder at a more even rate than if it was milked using the same ratio for all quarters.

A 240 volt AC - 12volt DC switch mode power supply is mounted inside the controller to eliminate the need of an external unit. The power supply also has the ability to trickle charge a back up battery (if fitted) for when an alternative power supply is required.

Electronic Pulsation

Milka-Ware electronic pulsators are extremely reliable and constantly accurate. Operating at a safe voltage of 12volt DC they are suitable for use where at times high voltage can be a problem especially when power failures occur. The Milka-Ware electronic pulsators are designed to operate two milking clusters from one pulsator with alternate pulsation. This important feature saves the initial cost of equipment and ongoing service cost.

LE20 Electronic Pulsator

In today’s modern milking systems it is vital that the pulsation system performs constantly at the correct pulsation phases required. The LE 20 pulsator meets this demand and incorporates features that make it stand out from all the rest.

The LE 20 pulsator provides two separate clusters with alternate 2x2 pulsation. This feature reduces the initial system purchase price and also reduces the ongoing service and maintenance cost. It is important that only pulsators designed with this feature are used in this way otherwise pulsation performance will be severely affected.

This LE20 pulsator is also compatible with Milka-Ware’s variable front & rear pulsation ratio pulsation system. This allows the front quarters of each cow to be milked at a slower speed than the rear and helps milk the cow’s whole udder more evenly.

* Precise Pulsation
* Cost Effective
* Reliable
* Easily Maintained
* Filtered Air Supply
* Low Voltage

TL and TLE Electronic Pulsators

The TL and TLE pulsators are almost identical except that the TLE operates independently from any other pulsator or control unit and only requires a 12 volt DC power supply. The TL requires a master control unit such as the Milka-Ware 4000 to provide the required pulsation signal..

PDF file Brochure 4000.PDF

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