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G) Cluster Washers

Cluster washers are an important part of the milking machine cleaning system and must work effectively, not harm the liner and be easy to use. Milka-Ware cluster washers meet all these criteria and offer a range of benefits to all users.

Milka-Ware Clip-in Cluster Washer.

The Milka-Ware Clip-in cluster washer is the perfect product for washing milking machines. The cluster washer mounts directly onto the stainless steel wash-line and the teat cups simply clip into each cup holder and are held in position during washing. Each Clip-in cluster washer is fitted with a non return valve so teat cups can be attached immediately after milking without the milking system loosing vacuum. Particular attention has been paid to the mounting of the cluster washer to ensure strength and durability, two stainless steel saddles and a stainless steel inlet nipple are used. The Milka-Ware Clip-in cluster washer holders suit teat shell cups that are 44mm OD which is the standard size used by almost all manufacturers.

Milka-Ware No.4 Cluster Washer

The Milka-Ware No.4 cluster washer is similar in most respects to the Milka-Ware Clip-in cluster washer except for the cluster teat cup holders. The No.4 uses rubber cup holders that the liners push into instead of clip-in holders. The rubber cups allow the outside of the liner mouthpiece to be cleaned as well as the inside and will not distort the liner mouthpiece. The No.4 cluster washer is normally mounted in a highline position in herringbone systems however they are also popular for mounting under a lid in the concrete deck of a rotary platform.

Milka-Ware Rotary No.1 Cluster Washer

The Milka-Ware No.1 Cluster Washer uses rubber cups similar to the No.4 except they have rubber tubes that extend from the back of the cup. This allows for a number of mounting options from just letting the cups hang freely to mounting direct on the wash-line with a S/S bracket supporting them. However their most popular use and one which they are ideal for is mounting on the bail structure between the cows on a rotary platform. All farmers using them on rotaries find them simple to use and say it is as easy to attach the clusters to the cluster washers as it is to the cows.

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