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Milka-Ware Specials

Milka-Ware is pleased to offer specials throughout the year based on stock availability.

So donít delay, check out our regular specials and bonus offers and grab yourself a bargain while stocks last...!!

The specials are listed below in full. Once you have finished shopping, you may continue shopping in the products section and items will continue to be added to your cart OR go to the CHECKOUT to finalize your order. An order number will then be issued, the order will be charged to your commercial credit account and then sent to your store address.

PLEASE NOTE: Members of the general public are encouraged to visit this website to find out the latest product and product information available from Milka-Ware Dealers. All prices displayed on this website are the recommended retail prices (freight cost excluded) and these products can be purchased from registered Milka-Ware dealers.
Please feel free to contact us via our "Contact Us" form and we would be delighted to give you your closest dealer location.

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