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Milka-Ware Privacy Policy

Milka-Ware is committed to complying with Australian privacy laws. Milka-Ware firmly acknowledges that your privacy is important to recognize people have a right to keep their personal information private.

Milka-Ware does not collect personal information unless it is necessary for us to carry out functions and activities as a distributor of milking machine equipment and wet weather clothing.

Milka-Ware will not use your information for reasons unrelated to the services we provide, unless prior permission is granted.

Q / What personal information do we obtain?

A /The personal information we collect is supplied directly by you when registering to purchase from Milka-Ware.

Q / Why do we collect information?

A / So we can process your order.

Q / Who will see this information?

A / Employees of Milka-Ware will see your account information so our accounts department can view your credit card details. Milka-Ware will not sell your personal information to any other party. However, Milka-Ware will need to pass on your name and address details to companies who carry out our delivery service.
The introduction of data collection technology at Milka-Ware is being dealt with properly for the respect of our loyal customers.


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